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Sattex Finishing Compound


Sattex Corporation Finishing Compound

Sattex Marine Finishing Compounds are available in six different abrasive grades. These compounds are ideal for removing oxidation, scratches, orange peel, and coarse sanding marks. Our compounds in addition to the "cutting" compounds, are used for an ultra high luster on composites, plastics, metals, natural stones and other solid surfaces. Maverick Abrasives acquired sattex corporation and its formulas, manufacturing machinery and customer base in 2015 after Sattex had went out of business. For large bulk orders please contact Garrett in the sales department at Maverick Abrasives. 

2F Beige Brick / QuickCut / COQC-01 For Polishing Surfaces

Our sattex formula of polishing compound is our most popular compound for polishing and finishing gel coat surfaces, natural stone, natural marble, composite surfaces and many others. This compound is exceptionally well suited for mold repair & refurbishing, removing oxidation, minor imperfections and enhances luster. In a nutshell, this is a fantastic polishing compound bar for your first cut on natural stone, marble & composites. This bar is a light brown in color and is our wet, yet aggressive cut bar. Our sattex formula 2-f has been around for 30 years and is known to be a workhorse for any composite or solid surface polishing operation. Pair this with a wool bonnet and right angle grinder and you are good to go! 

WP-12 / FinishRite Blue / COFR-04 For Polishing Surfaces

Our finishing compound referred to as WP-12 is blue in color and is the second step in many operations after the 2F cut bar is used. The WP-12 is a final finishing & high luster bar that is used to remove orange peel, surface imperfections, scratches and sand marks on fiberglass, cast polymers, gel coated surfaces, solid surfaces, natural stone, natural marble and many others. This leaves a clean, high luster finish and is a staple product in the composite and solid surface industry. 

WP-1 / FinishRite White / COFR-01 FOR Mild Cut On Surfaces

This white Sattex formula is a finishing compound with mild cut and a high finish for fiberglass, cast polymers, gel-coated surfaces and composite surfaces. This product will remove orange peel, minor scratches and sandpaper marks. In combination with a tradition cotton stitched buffing wheel OR a wool bonnet, this will leave a clean, high luster finish. 



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