6" Paper PSA Sanding Discs

6" Paper PSA Sanding Discs

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We are proud that our Maverick Abrasives sanding discs are made in the USA! We manufacture our 6" sticky-back sanding discs using a premium C-weight backing that are made for long life & excellent finishing. Our 6" sanding discs also incorporate an anti-static top coat that prevents clogging when sanding. These sanding discs can be used on both wood and metal! These discs sanding ability will reduce your sanding time and increase your speed so you can move on to the next part of your project, production. Maverick abrasives is the #1 manufacturer for the best 6 inch sanding discs in the USA! 

Technique and fundamentals when sanding wood using a disc sander:

6 inch adhesive sanding disc basic information: 

These 6" Pressure Sensitive Adhesive discs consist of Aluminum Oxide abrasive material that is bonded to a paper backing. The resin bond is a strong bonding agent which keeps the Aluminum Oxide grains on the paper backing while providing an element of heat resistance and pressure resistance, extending the useful life of the disc.

The aluminum oxide grains offer a fast cut rate while still remaining economically priced. These PSA sanding discs can be used on a wide variety of materials including wood, ferrous alloys, and other metals. They are extremely versatile and can be used for sanding, medium grinding, deburring, blending, finishing, and polishing applications.

When the paper covering the adhesive is removed the disc should be pressed onto a backing pad or steel disc pad that is attached to a disc sander, random orbital sander, platen disc sander or stationary disc sander. 

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American manufacturing and craftsmanship is what makes this country the best country in the world. We have proven that American made abrasives & polishing products can still be made here at an affordable price. The same excellence you exuberant in your craftsmanship, is the same we have for our products.


We built our brand on providing EXCELLENT products, and we built our cult following on having the BEST pricing. Becuase we are the manufacturer we offer the best prices on the internet, bar NONE! From craftsman in their garage to craftsman in a production shop, Maverick abrasives has you, and your wallet covered.